Brand Strategy

Vanilla Plum Media provides comprehensive strategies for creating and maintaining strong branding across social, traditional and company media. Our staff combines experience of more than 35 years, branding diverse businesses, celebrities and organizations to achieve powerful recognition and interaction in the marketplace.

Branded Content &

Vanilla Plum media specializes in creative content for visuals and copy across all media platforms. Creative includes writing, photography, graphic art, videography, scripting, and more.

Image Strategies

Image and branding go hand-in-hand, and at Vanilla Plum Media, we establish, protect, and maintain client image to assure they meet their mission, vision, and goals.

Talent Relations

Vanilla Plum Media provides relationships for product placements, endorsements, sponsorships, and alliances, emphasizing celebrity and creating celebrity status to VPM contacts. We establish and maintain a wide range of media relationships to place our clients in the venues they wish to have, and to network them into effective alliances.

Design Management

Vanilla Plum Media is expert at design and visual styling for all client branding graphics, photography, and publications.

Marketing Strategy

At Vanilla Plum Media, our clients enjoy strategies for up-to-date and traditional marketing, with an eye to trends, trendsetting, positioning, competitive edge, market analysis, metrics, and budget.


Vanilla Plum Media networks with providers for eCommerce to fit any client budget, allowing clients to launch products and/or services with the best digital marketing tools and security.

Alliance Strategies

At Vanilla Plum Media, we pride ourselves on the ability to network with networks in local, regional, domestic and international areas to find, establish, and maintain strong alliances for our clientele. We listen to our clients needs, screen alliances, establish relationships and make contracts with alliances they wish to have. We maintain good relationships with those alliances. We also help our clients to negotiate an end to an alliance where it is not beneficial.

Media Relations

Vanilla Plum Media maintains strong relationships with editors in many digital and traditional publications. If we don’t have the relationship you need, we open up that dialogue and establish what our clients need to assure meaningful PR and visibility.

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